Søren Brier

Søren Brier is professor of the Semiotics of Information, Cognition and Communication at Department of International Studies of Culture and Communication, Copenhagen Business School. He is also editor of Cybernetics & Human Knowing. He sits on the board of Systems Research, Biosemiotics, TripleC , Signs and the International Association of Biosemiotic Studies, Foundation of Information Science and Science of Information Institute.

Søren Brier is recipient of the Warren McCulloch Award from The American Society for Cybernetics.

Research area: The philosophy of science problems involved in the search for a transdisciplinary theory of information, meaning, cognition and communication. It has to be naturalistic and include a phenomenological view in its ontology and epistemology as well as a view of language as an embodied social and cognitive organizer and coordinator. Another area is the impact of scientific thinking in the mass media in competition with common sense, political and religious thinking.

He has published broadly in the field information science, biosemiotics, second order cybernetics and Peircean semiotic philosophy. Main book Cybersemiotics: Why Information Is Not Enough, Toronto University Press, 2008. (also a Google book). Special issue on Cybersemiotics of Entropy on the Net.
His other publications include:

Brier, S. (2010). Cybersemiotics and the Question of Knowledge, Chapter 1 in Dodig-Crnkovic, G. and Burgin, M. Information and Computation. World Scientific
Brier, S. (2006): The foundation of LIS in information science and semiotics, Libreas: Library Ideas
Brier, S. (2003): The Cybersemiotic model of communication: An evolutionary view on the threshold between semiosis and informational exchange. TripleC 1(1): 71-94.
Brier, S. (1992): Information and Consciousness: A Critique of the Mechanistic foundation of the Concept of Information in Cybernetics & Human Knowing, Vol.1, no. 2/3, pp 71- 94.

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