MC2 2018 Lab

MC2 CLEF Lab is centered on mining the social media sphere surrounding cultural events such as festivals and movies,
It provides access for registered participants to the microbolg collection of the GAFES project funded by the French National Research Agency and lead by the University of Avignon.


Latest articles

  • Content Analysis Results: Language identification 2017

    by Malek Hajjem

    Topics are a random selection of original microblogs posted in June 2016 without external links and with more then 80 characters.
    Submissions and scores for the two best teams can be found here Syllabs and Lia.
    The task paper can be found here (...)

  • Available ressources Clef 2018: detailed description

    by Malek Hajjem

    The festival galleries dataset
    A massive collection of microblogs and urls related to culture festivals are provided for registered participants here . In order to deal with such large dataset we propose different format :
    A CSV format : It is a tab-separated CSV file that could be useful (...)

  • Milestones and timetable 2018

    by Eric SanJuan

    Registration opens: 8 february 2018 (Task2) Registration closes: 30 April 2018 End Evaluation Cycle: 19 May 2018 Submission of Participant Papers [CEUR-WS]: 31 May 2018 Submission of Lab Overviews [LNCS]: 8 June 2018 Notification of Acceptance Participant Papers [CEUR-WS]: 15 June 2018 (...)

  • Task objectives and Evaluation process

    by Eric SanJuan, Jean-valère, olivier

    Vodkaster ( ) is a French social network about movies where participants can share comments about movies under the form of microcritics not longer than a tweet. The main differences are the restricted cultural domain and the form. The objective of the task (...)

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