Evora Tuesday, 6th Sept 16:15–18:15

Evora CMC Workshop program

by Eric SanJuan

The Evora CMC session will take place between the poster session and the poster dinner, an ideal timing for discussions. It will start by an general overview, followed by Fionn Murtagh invited talk and participant talks.

Time table

- 16:00-16:30 Overview of collected data, tentative tasks and baselines Eric SanJuan
- 16:30-17:10 Invited talk Fionn Murtagh : Semantic mapping
- 17:10-17:30 Building a Knowledge Base using Microblogs: the Case of Cultural MicroBlog Contextualization Collection Thi Bich Ngoc Hoang and Josiane Mothe
- 17:30-17:50 TimeLine illustration based on Microblogs Nayanika Dogra, Philippe Mulhem, Nawal Ould Amer and Lorraine Goeuriot
- 17:50-18:00 Open discussion & perspectives

Invited Talk

Semantic mapping by Fionn Murtagh

In the form of a unsupervised classification and exploratory data analysis, our approach is both “The model should follow the data, and not the reverse!” (Jean-Paul Benzécri quotation) and “Let the data speak for themselves” (John Tukey quotation). Our interest is in the data semantics, thus based on interrelatedness, and situatedness, i.e. semantic relative positioning or semantic location. Our fundamental methodology is the Correspondence Analysis analytics platform, used for narrative analytics and particular themes relating to social narratives and the work of celebrated social scientist, Pierre Bourdieu.

View online : CLEF Evora General Program