Tasks 2017

The overall usage scenario for this lab edition is centered on festival participants:

  1. an insider participant who receives a microblog about the cultural event in which he will participate in will need context to understand it (microblogs often contain implicit information). The participant will also need this background information before clicking on the link.
  2. if a participant in a specific location wants to know what is going on in surrounding events relatively to artists, music or shows that he would like to see. Starting from a list of bookmarks in the wikipedia app, the participant will seek for a short list of microblogs summarizing the current trends about related cultural events. She/he is more interested in microblogs from insiders than outsiders or officials.

Three independent sub-tasks have been identified: content analysis, global search and time-line summarization.

Articles in this section

  • Microblog Cultural Contextualization 2017 lab introduction

    by Eric SanJuan

    These are the slides used to presented at CLEF 2016 in Evora to introduce the CM2 lab. Overall Procedure Take a microblog about an event with an url. Identify its language. Identify a related cultural event or filter it out. Reveal When, Where, Who ... Relate it to Wikipedia entities2017 (...)

  • Evaluation Methodology

    by Eric SanJuan

    Systems will be evaluated mainly on informativeness and relevance, but readability and ergonomy will be also checked. Informativeness evaluation will rely on textual references established by experts in project GAFES, following the strict methodology at CLEF-INEX tweet contextualization track (...)